May 272015

Hair loss is one of the many problems faced by the general public at an older age. There have been countless treatments which have only turned out to be a scam or unproductive. The option of wigs and toupees was also considered but it could never generate the look of natural hair. The beauty, the silkiness, the angel like perfection, these elements could never be mustered by wigs or toupees, hence they would give of an artificial look and could easily be detected. Fortunately, there are some possibilities to stop balding and make your hair strong and shiny.

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

ViviScal is an emerging remedy, but the question remains does it work? In this short yet detailed ViviScal review the answer shall be predisposed. So what is ViviScal? It is daily nutritional supplement targeted at hair health that is very effective in . Well getting technical it is composed of the following chemicals:


-Vitamin C

-Horsetail extract

-AminoMar C™ Marine Complex


The first two chemicals are quite explanatory however the marine complex is a protein which is derived from the ocean but it has not been specified from where and which product this protein has been made from. ViviScal is  is scientifically designed for anyone who seek to reduce hair loss and to slow hair thinning and premature balding. Hair loss and thinning can be caused by many factors include genetics, certain oral contraceptives, stress, a poor diet or hormonal influences. Each bottle of these dietary supplement tablets contains 60 easy-to-swallow tablets

There was taken a forty weeks lasting science study with participation of forty women. The official released result was that ViviScal reduces hair fall by 46%.

My personal experience with ViviScal

I have been trying viviscal for 6 months until now. The results are quite amazing. My hair stopped falling and looks much stronger! After using ViviScal, my hair is growing faster too and is noticeably thicker. Surprisingly, there are no more balding spots on top of my scalp. At least, my hair is much shinier. Many of my acquitances told me that my hair is beautiful now and aske dme how I achieved it. I can tell you that if you want amazing hair, hair you see on commercials, hair that is strong, long and shiny, try this product. It is worth the monthly investment and will change your hair forever. Since no one has yet reported any major side effects from using ViviScal, it may be the remedy that hair loss patients have long been seeking.

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