Sep 152014

So your lovemate made you a significant hickey on your neck and you ask yourself how to cover it? To have a hickey on some visible part of your body, may be very embarrassing, so if you’re interested in a technique to cloak your hickey from your husband or wife, mates, co-workers, parents or grandparents, or any individual who will pass you on the streets, you’ve get to the right place. A hickey, aka hicky or perhaps lovebite, is a type of bruise that results when your lovemate is sucking breaks blood vessels beneath the epidermis, causing a crimson purple, or in future black-and-blue mark. Usually, it fade away in 4 – 17 days, however you might remove it quite easily by using a variety of hickey removal methods, mentioned on this site. While the techniques we give you, may reduce your new friend’s love mark from a fortnight or so to 24 hours, when you have a hickey that you require take off immediatelly, concealing it is usually the only way to go. Continue reading »