Sep 042014

Having a hickey on body part where your parents or colleagues are able to see it is extremely shameful. You need to go to work or college after having good time evenings, and when you stand before mirror, you notice these bruise like spots. What the hell is it? These are really nothing less than hickeys. What hickeys are? A hickey, often known as a hicky, kiss mark or love bite, is in fact a kind of bruise. Hickies are caused by kissing or sucking your skin too hard, resulting into broken capillaries and in addition pooling blood that changes the skin reddish or purple. Don’t be worried, hickeys aren’t permanent. However if you don’t try to get rid of them, lovebites lasts from 5 till fifteen days. You could conceal hickies with clothing or beauty products, but more advantageous approach is try the benefit of a variety of easy-to-follow home cures. These all strategies how to get rid of hickeys were tried and tested in many cases to give optimum results of getting rid of hickies as quickly as possible.  Continue reading »