Jan 092016

Do you want to lose your body fat, but without any success? Are you looking for easy and cheap way to get slimmer? Try this DIY herbal tea. I love this easy homemade weight loss diet tea. It helped me to lose up to a pound a day. It is very easy to made it, all ingredients you could buy in you local herb store for very cheap price. One ounce of this awesome herbal mixture will you cost only 86 cents!

Get slim lose bellz fat

My friend had lost weight while drinking this herbal homemade tea, gave me the recipe and suggested that I give it a try. I’d never tried any kind of homemade herbal weight loss tea before so I didn’t really know what to expect.
The taste of this tea is surprisingly very good. The tea has a nice heavy body, which many of the bargain store teas I normally drink lack. It reminded me of some expensive herbal tea that I received as a gift years before. I bought all ingredients, all available in local herb store for very affordable price, mixed it together, and started my weight loss adventure.
And what about losing weight? I began by drinking two cups of this tea each day. I usually have trouble with consuming additional calories during the mid morning and in the evening before dinner time. Those were the two times in which I chose to drink this tea. I started losing my weight very quickly. It worked also excellently by giving me a nice boost to carry me through to meal time, as well as suppressing my appetite. I’m not sure how it worked exactly, but I felt less hungry and more energetic than I normally would. After a month of drinking, I have lost about 10 kg of my weight, especially of my belly fat.