Dec 212015

Fortunately, the days when makeup companies didn’t give much attention to makeup lines for black women are long gone. Nowadays, companies cannot afford to avoid these clients. Women with dark skin are a significant part of the market and they need to be satisfied. However, this may bring another problem. What to choose among everything that is available? What kind of style best suits you? Which colors to choose that go well with your darker skin color? Lots of questions and even more possible correct answers. Maybe a good way is to try something that has already proven a good choice for someone with a similar skin color as yours? And no easier way to find information about someone else than if they are a celebrity and you can find their all kinds of looks on-line. Continue reading »

Nov 112015

In the case of eye makeup suggestions for Asian eyes, less without doubt is more. The most typical ‘mistake’ that Asian girls and ladies make is usually to try to make their eyes appear bigger. Even though smaller eyes are characteristic for the Asians, they often use make-up to try and make them appear larger. Wearing lots of eye makeup will never make them appear bigger, but only make your face look less-than-perfect. Small eyes are lovely and there is absolutely no reason to enlarge them. Continue reading »