Dec 172015

We all like to party the night away; the thing is, we dislike looking like bunch of zombies and un-dead characters in the morning. You all must have a friend who stays up all night, but she look dazzling and well-rested. For some people, it is Mother Nature, and for some it is all due to the magic effects of the makeup. What works best for me, looking well rested and fresh is the Bobbi Brown concealer palette, or the Creamy Concealer to be more precise. This concealer is yellow based, and this has the ability of camouflaging the dark circles in instantaneous matter. It only takes 30 seconds to apply the creamy concealer and to experience quick and smooth coverage. The concealer is packed with powerful and enriched formula that not only covers your face leaving it perfectly even, but also deeply nourishes the skin. The best feature about the concealer is that it stays put for more than 8 hours, so you can go to school, work or college without having to visit the ladies room and re-apply it every two or three hours. Bobbi Brown made sure to infuse the creamy concealer with skin conditioners that treat and protect the under-eye delicate area. If you are interested in finding out which is your ideal shade of this ideal creamy concealer, you do not have to consult with makeup artists or beauty store salespersons, all you need to do is choose one shade lighter than the shade of your face foundation.