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These easy, non-prescription remedies can help ease soreness and scratchiness in your throat efficiently and fast. Sore Throats are usually caused by illnesses like the common cold, flu, measles, chickenpox, mononucleosis (mono), and the croup as well as allergies, breathing of dry air or outdoor pollution. Some of these illnesses are bacterial, but some are viral infections that will not respond to antibiotic treatment. Run to the doctor with a sore throat is not always necessary. Try these sore throat home remedies first.

Gargling with warm, salty water usually helps relieve your sore throat.

Gargle at least once each hour with 2 dcl of warm water, with one tablespoon (or 5 g) of salt dissolved in it. Gargling with warm, salty water will usually help reduce swelling and relieve pain in your throat.

Apple cider vinegar with garlic and honey

Another non prescription home remedy for treating sore throat is drink made of apple cider vinegar with honey and garlic. How to made this simple, but effective remedy? Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of honey, one piece of mashed garlic and one cup of very warm water. Drink it hot. If apple cider vinegar i stoo strongfor you, you can replace it with juice squeezed from fresh lemon.

Clove tea is another great remedy for sore throat

Pour 3 teaspoons of powdered cloves with very hot water and let stay for 10 minutes. Then gargle with this tea. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of clove will help soothe and heal your throat.

Echinacea tincture

Echinacea is very effective and strong herbal virus-killer. Mix 2 teaspoons Echinacea tincture with one cup of water and gargle this mix three times daily. This home tratment not only ease sore throat pain, but echinacea tincture give boost to your immunity system that it can fight the infection more efficiently.

Avoid irritants

You should avoid irritants, like cigarette smoke or cleaning products because that can irritate the throat and make your sore throat worse.
If you have severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing or swallowing, muffled voice, breathing with high-pitched sound, severe pain or drooling, you should visit your GP or accident and emergency department.

sore throat home remedies

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