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Your food and physical activity choices have massive effect on your health and beauty — the way you feel today, tomorrow, as well as in the future. Balanced and healthy diet should include numerous types of healthy and balanced foods for adequate intake of all nutrients and vitamins, including vitamins and minerals. Foods to include are breads, pastas, lean meats, sea food, fruits and vegetables. A balanced and healthy diet can help you manage a healthy body weight and decrease your risk of many diet-related chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancer diseases.

Healthy diet is the key to beauty and health

These suggestions and ideas are a starting point. You will find some information here that will help you starting toward a balanced and healthy diet. Choose a change that you could make today, and drive to a healthier you.

Quality food diet

Pick a number of lean protein food products: Meat, poultry, seafood, dry beans or peas, eggs, nuts, as well as seeds are thought part of the protein foods group. Pick leaner cuts of ground beef (where the content label says 90% lean or higher), turkey breast, or chicken breast.

Reduce weight and control body fat

It’s important for body fat control and primarily weight reducing, to recognise and act on the feedback your own body gives you about when and how much you really need to eat. However it’s also essential to aim for a regular eating pattern of meals, or meals and mid meals. A planned pattern of eating is much more likely to contain the suggested number of serves from the 5 food categories. A spontaneous, unstructured eating pattern is much more likely to contain a lot of discretionary foods which means too much saturated fat, added sucrose, added salt and fat at the expense of fibre and required nutrients.

Lose weight with pure water

Drink plenty of water or some other calorie-free drinks. Before you break into that pack of potato chips, drink a cup of mineral water first. People usually confuse thirst with craving for food, so you are able to end up eating lots of added calories if an ice-cold cup of mineral water is all you required. In case plain drinking water doesn’t cut it, try drinking flavoured sparkling water or making a cup of fruit-infused tea.

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