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Many young ladies and women often think that brown eyes are dull and unexciting. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Brown eyes, with their sensuality, give a certain element of mystery to a person. It is not a coincidence that numerous female villain characters in movies are often brown eyed. It is impossible to give somebody the best makeup tip available. What is great for someone, may not be such an effective recommendation for someone else. The best makeup, the best colors and the recommended shades are a really relative thing and vary from a person to person. What one can do is follow some of the typical makeup rules that have proven to work wonders on some women.

Most Flattering Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

There is something special about browneyed females and motion picture makers have recognized their value years ago. But what about everyday usual people that aren’t movie stars and who just want to look attractive, but not extremely nice, when they get off to work? What kind of natural makeup tips for brown eyes are there to make an appropriate look for working women? For girls with brown eyes and a fair, pale complexion, there are numerous strategies available on the web. First, it is important to make sure which shade of brown eyes you have! If yours are deep brown eyes that may go for black color, opt for medium to dark range of shades.

Natural makeup tricks for brown eyes

When going natural, you need to be cautious with what kind of eyeshadow you choose and how much of it you put on yourself! Ensure you use deep shades of brown and blue. Even though brown eyes are well-suited also with grey, plum, gold, purple and violet shades, better stay with brown and blue ones while getting ready for work. After your eyes are slightly emphasized with the eyeshadow, you may pay attention to your cheeks and lips. Peach flush for your cheeks will keep you looking fresh (and young!) through the day and helps disguise the fact that you’ve had about enough of work for the day and you’re ready to head home. When you can decide between putting on lipstick or lip gloss, opt for the latter. So, if you are looking for the most effective makeup strategies for brown eyes, your search is in vain. Nevertheless, there’s no reason for despair – you can find lots of helpful advice.

Best makeup tips for medium brown eyes

In case you have medium brown eyes, they look great with any color, especially green. Light brown eyes will sparkle at their best if you match them with light shades of yellow. Whatever kind from the above, before applying any color, cover the entire lids with the lightest eye shadow from the palette. It makes a good base for all the additional color tones that will follow and helps to ‘wake up’ the eyes and give them a fresher look. Lip gloss refreshes your lips without actually changing their color. That is one of the most essential natural makeup tips for brown eyes – harmony between your eyes and your lips! Make sure you emphasize just one of them. On your lashes use a dark brown mascara or the one you will never go wrong with, a black one. Be sure your eyebrows are nice and on your chicks apply a pink blush. Even though these might not be the best makeup suggestions for brown eyes, they just might be the next best thing.

Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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