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So your lovemate made you a significant hickey on your neck and you ask yourself how to cover it? To have a hickey on some visible part of your body, may be very embarrassing, so if you’re interested in a technique to cloak your hickey from your husband or wife, mates, co-workers, parents or grandparents, or any individual who will pass you on the streets, you’ve get to the right place. A hickey, aka hicky or perhaps lovebite, is a type of bruise that results when your lovemate is sucking breaks blood vessels beneath the epidermis, causing a crimson purple, or in future black-and-blue mark. Usually, it fade away in 4 – 17 days, however you might remove it quite easily by using a variety of hickey removal methods, mentioned on this site. While the techniques we give you, may reduce your new friend’s love mark from a fortnight or so to 24 hours, when you have a hickey that you require take off immediatelly, concealing it is usually the only way to go.

So how can you hide a hickey?

The quickest and easiest solution to make a hickey unnoticeable is hide it under clothing. Collared shirts, scarfs, as well as turtleneck, jumper, or blouse worn properly for the weather conditions. You may also experiment with wearing some fashion accessories such as a necklaces to lure attention away from the side of your neck. You may also style and design your hair, when it is in sufficient length, and cover your hickey using it. When you can’t hide hickey under dressing or hair, try to mask it with make up. You will need green corrector or yellow corrector, depends on appearance of your hickey, concealer in your skin tone, a makeup brush and foundation. At the beginning, use corrector to the inside part of the hickey, using a narrow cosmetic brush. Make use of yellow-colored corrector in case your hickey is darker, violet colored, or green corrector, when it is reddish, crimson or purple. The main trick is to put the colour complete opposite on the colour wheel, to compensate and neutralize the color of the hickey. When your hickies are inside more violet or gloom while it’s outside is more red-colored, so you’ll have to use yellow corector to color the inside of the hickey and then green corrector to colour outside space. Pick a concealer that harmonizes with your skin color and put it on, over the hickey with your make-up brush. When you haven’t concealer in your skin color, try to combine a yellow-colored concealer together with skin tone concealer that will allow you to gain a coloration that matches your skin pigment. If you’re unsure about which coloration is the most suitable, firstly experiment with using it on the other side of your neck to see if it matches. And lastly, apply a layer of foundation to keep the hickey disguised. Put the foundation with a foundation brush or use a sponge to blend it in further You may use this technique also if you need to hide bruises.

How to hide hickeys

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