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Strawberry blonde is a hair color that brings together two initially distinct hair color shades into one flattering mix. Strawberry blonde hair dye is composed of a powerful red shade mixed in with a mellow light blonde.

The perfect mix of tones of ginger and blonde makes this hair color as the perfect shade for summer. While some lucky individuals are born already sporting a natural strawberry blonde hairstyle, many others will have to turn to store-bought or salon applied hair dye in order to achieve that much coveted sun-kissed look all throughout the year.
Sometimes, you might end up getting a hair color that is too blonde or too red if you use cheap strawberry blonde hair color. Although you can still slowly work on your in-between shade until you achieve the right shade of strawberry blonde, it is still better if you get a little assistance on your first try. Nevertheless, with a little patience and perseverance, it is still possible to achieve this perfect mix of red and blonde even while using DIY hair dye. 

Choosing the Best Hair Color for your Skin tone and Features

Like other hair colors with red or ginger base tones, this type of blonde hair color looks best on women with pale complexions and rosy cheeks. Although your complexion should be generally pale, you should still have an overall warm skin tone in order to avoid getting washed out by the blonde shades in the light strawberry blonde hair dye.
People with warm skin tones generally have eyes that are either golden brown, green, blue-green, or hazel. Often, these people will have cheeks that easily turn pink and are susceptible to developing freckles on their cheeks and the bridge of their nose.
Conversely, there are also certain shades which can suit dark-skinned women. Those who prefer to sport a more tanned look can opt to get a dark strawberry blonde shade. Meanwhile, turning your hair color into a lovely honey strawberry blonde will help it bring more warmth to your overall appearance.
Finally, a certain shade can likewise incorporate more blonde highlights into the look to bring out more of the blonde than the reddish shade. This hair dye shade is often called strawberries and cream due to the nature of the shade.

How to Get Strawberry Blonde Hair at Home

Since strawberry blonde is a hair color that is composed of a mix of reds and blondes, the best base colors to work with is either a shade of red or a shade of blonde. Having one of the colors already on your hair will make it easier to transition into the perfect strawberry blonde shade. You will then simply need to add-in the other color or use highlights and foils until you achieve the best shade for your skin tone.
However if you are going for one of the shades that are on the lighter end of the spectrum, then it is better if you start with a light base color. Although getting the lightest possible shade of blonde will require the use of harsh chemical bleaches, performing the dying process gradually could significantly lessen the damage on your hair. Even if you are tempted to re-dye your hair every week, the ideal resting period between hair colors is 2-3 months.
Since you will need to use bleach, it is generally recommended that you proceed to a salon first so that you will not end up burning your scalp. However, if you have enough experience with hair color or if you already have naturally light blonde hair, then it is still possible to succeed using only store bought hair dye.
It is also possible to use more natural lightening treatments on your hair to lessen the chances of causing severe damage. Lemon juice and chamomile tea are well-known natural hair lighteners that cause subtle hair lightening without causing damage.
If you finally decide to start the dyeing process, it is highly recommended that you get the assistance of a friend or relative. Also, you should be prepared for an outcome that could vary slightly from the color that is advertised on the box of the strawberry blonde hair dye. The perfect shade is not something that you can achieve overnight. The good news is though that each shade is beautiful on its own and you would do well to simply enjoy each shade as you transition to your perfect shade of strawberry blonde.

Strawberry blonde hair dye

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