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Every parent dreads the thought of their boy or girl coming back home from school with a case of head lice. Head lice are wingless creepy crawlies that live on scalps and can be difficult to eliminate. Following the treatments posted below, will slaughter them without the need of harmful chemicals that could also cause harm to people. The good news is, you can use several head lice homemade remedies which might get rid of the trouble. Nevertheless, prepare yourself for a somewhat lengthy commitment to getting rid of these darned insects. If you have battled head lice for a very long time without being successful, allow me to share an amazing and tested home remedy to exterminate hair lice infestation without needing to apply hazardous chemical substances on your head to eradicate head lice and nits.

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As your first move, pour a single glass of apple cider vinegar on hair, then blow it dry. It contributes greatly to clear off nits quite easily when you will comb your head subsequently, and heating procedure may help exterminate adults lice. Subsequently, apply an entire jar of coconut oil with some drops of tea tree oil on your hair. After that, bind oily hair up and cover it with a swim cap which is quite snug on the head and work great. The best and highly recommended is the silicone one. Cover swim cap in a scarf to catch unavoidable oil leaks. Keep this head lice cure overnight, for not less than 8-10 hours. In the morning, make use of a lot of tea tree shampoo to your head and let it wait for a half-hour. Clean the shampoo out, and completely comb through moist hair with a nit comb. You can discover nits and lifeless lice which have died by oil treatment and have not been washed out in the shower. Do the same coconut oil treatment every 3 days for two weeks. You should use a lice comb, to comb your or your child’s hair every morning and also evening for three weeks and search for new nits. Don’t forget to clean all bed coverings, towels, pillows, clothes, and also quarantine anything that is suspect, for not less than couple of weeks.

Head lice prevention and your household cleaning

Lice generally don’t live past 24 hours without feeding from a scalp, and eggs do not stay alive in the event that they aren’t incubated at the temperature nearby the scalp. As a result, the chance of head lice surviving on your household items is small. As a preventative measure you might clean things that the affected person has used in the last 48 hours. Cleaning strategies include the following:

Launder items in hot water. Wash pillows and comforters, stuffed animals as well as clothing in hot, soapy water — no less than 130 F ( 54.4 C ) — and dry at high temperature.

Clean hair care things. Wash combs, brushes and hair accessories in very warm, soapy water.

Seal items in plastic bags. Seal items which should not be cleaned in plastic bags for a couple weeks.

Vacuum clean. Provide the floor together with upholstered home furniture a good vacuum-cleaning.

Additional homemade remedies for head lice infestation

Slaughter lice with mayonnaise

In case you’re wary of synthetic insecticides, you may be able to smother lice if you sleep. Initially, saturate the hair and scalp with mayonnaise, and then put on a bath cap. The when you get up, lice will be dead. Unluckily, you can’t smother the louse eggs, you’ll still need to remove them by yourself.

Exterminate lice with petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly might have a stifling impact on roaming lice.

Put a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the scalp before sleeping. Coat your head tightly with a bathroom cap or perhaps bath towel. Let it stay on overnight. After you wake up, apply baby oil to get rid of the petroleum jelly. Comb your hair thoroughly to remove the lifeless lice. Do this for a few nights in a row.

Use baby oil to eradicate of louse infestation

For the next simple and easy natural remedy for head lice, you will need baby oil, laundry soap a bottle of white vinegar. It is thought that baby oil, also, assists you to suffocate the head lice.
Put some baby oil on your head after that comb your hair slowly but surely to ensure that lice begin falling from your hair. Consequently clean your head with laundry soap and hot water. Before sleeping, apply some white vinegar on your hair and cover your hair with a swim cap or towel. Let it stay on overnight. After you wake up, rinse your hair with common hair shampoo after that make use of some conditioner. Repeat this procedure for at least 3 to 4 days to get positive results. Hope this simple and easy, natural, and relatively cost effective head lice treatments works for you and that you are going to be very soon lice free!

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Home remedies for head lice

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