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With the rising popularity of going herbal and organic, more and more people have been looking for natural remedies to get rid of a headache. With the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle that everyone has, it is inevitable for any young and busy professional to have a headache. And with this comes the dependence on painkillers. With the growing fascination with organic solutions came the need to find medicines that get rid of headaches naturally.

Natural remedies to get rid of a headache usually come in the form of plants and are usually ingested or applied externally. Popular remedies to relieve headache include the following:

Lavender Oil as Headache Remedy

The first and one of the most common remedies to get rid of headache quickly is lavender oil. The great thing about it is that it can either be inhaled or it can be applied on the sides of the head. All that one needs to do is to place three to four drops of the oil in about two or three cups of boiling water, and then inhale the vapor in order to soothe the headache. Another way is that it can be applied on the sides of the temples, where the pain is usually concentrated, especially in times of migraine.

Peppermint Oil as Headache Solution

A second remedy is peppermint oil. According to studies, peppermint oil has vaso constricting and dilating properties. This means that it can widen or tighten the veins and arteries that provide the blood flow to the brain. According to several studies, a common cause of headaches is usually the lack of proper blood flow to the brain. This is why peppermint would be effective as it can open those veins to allow more blood flow. As a side note, if the headache is caused by sinus congestion, peppermint will also prove to be an effective solution as it will open up the person’s sinuses to allow better flow of oxygen into the bloodstream. Peppermint has to be inhaled as well.

Basil as Headache Medication

Basil, which is usually found on pizzas and pastas, can also assist in relaxing tensed muscles which are also among the causes of headaches. The oil derived from basil can also be used for other home remedies. So for those who are suffering from tense and tight muscles, and are thus suffering from headache, just go eat some pasta with basil in them to feel much better.

Natural home remedies for headaches can be found anywhere. This is why most people are going into natural and herbal solutions instead of chemically-manufactured medicines in curing their headaches. This is definitely a kind of treatment that is not only free of side effects, but is also sure to benefit people in terms of their health in the long run.

Going Organic: Headache Remedies

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