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Love bites, also termed as hickeys or hickies, are small purplish or red-colored bruises on the skin. These are generally the reaction to tough kissing and sucking, which then causes broken capillaries. Without a doubt, it would be quite embarassing, if your dad and mom, friends or maybe co-workers spotted this love imprints on your neck. If you want to get rid of love bites as soon as possible, try those tips and tricks. For those who want treat lovebites quickly, use some lip balm, a chap stick, pen cap, or just anything else that has the same or similar cover and brush it on a love bite. Press the cap against the hickey and rotate it back and forth to be able to circulate the blood. Repeat many times for ten to 15 minutes. This should cause some pain for the first time and will even have the local area turn red, but as the blood will start to stream once again the lovebite will evaporate. This technique will help to break up blood clot and also boost blood flow to the area so a love bites will fade in a short period.

Other perfect remedy for love bite bruises cure is brushing it by hairbrush or toothbrush. Take tender toothbrush and then move it in circular moves around the whole love mark. As a already mentioned method of love bite treatment, this restorative massage will get the blood flowing and circulate and the love bites will begin to disappear. The toothbrush or hairbrush rubbing can be somewhat painful because skin on your neck is quite sensitive, so it will be slightly irritated. But you should keep brushing until you seriously feel the complete area has been massaged through.

Scraping a love bite with a coin is another effective technique, allthough it is the most hurting and painful, it can give you significant effects. To do this , before anything else, extend the your skin around the love bite flat by pulling away from the hickey on opposite sides. After that, use the edge of a big coin to scrape the skin. Use the coin such as the hickie was butter on toasted bread, and spread outward. You need to push as hard as you can, but be carefull not to damage your skin, or cause bleeding. What you are trying to do here is to break up and push around the clotted blood from the lovebite guaranteeing that it is less dense, fewer dark, as well as a lot easier for your body to assimilate. There may be irritation from the scraping, but that will fade away after time, as well as the love bite.

In case your skin is reddish or sensiive after using procedures stated above, then squirt some amount of aloe vera cream or extract onto the love bite and affected area. Apply the gel into the hickey bruise. Natural Aloe-vera extract is the well known natural moisturizer. It decreases the sensitivity of the love bite along with calms skin conditions and also enhances healing. Just get some Aloe extract or ointment and put straight over the lovebite spot. Let it rest for a few minutes.

A really fast alternative solution to clear away love bite bruises is using peppermint toothpaste on a hickie. You can also apply peppermint oil or perhaps mint-based balms which may help to increase blood circulation throughout the area, helping to get rid of a hickey. Basically apply a film of mint toothpaste on love bite area. After some time of application, toothpaste should be wiped off and then cleaned with hot water. Do again method after 24 hours again depending on the effect. Be careful not to use this therapy more often than once a day. It works best when done as soon as is possible after receiving a lovebites.

To improve therapy, put a lotion or treatment well loaded with vitamin K to the love bite 2-3 times per day until the bruise has been cleared. As love bite prevention therapy you should eat food containing vitamin K, for example brown rice, spinach, broccoli, soybean oil, and omega 3 supplements, and also vitamin K health supplements. Vitamin K helps prevent coagulation as well as thrombus and as a result could be used to cure bruises. This vitamin helps your body reabsorb pooled blood and stimulate the healing process.

Get rid of love bites overnight

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  1. I’ve tried the toothpaste and it really worked.

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