Dec 212015

Fortunately, the days when makeup companies didn’t give much attention to makeup lines for black women are long gone. Nowadays, companies cannot afford to avoid these clients. Women with dark skin are a significant part of the market and they need to be satisfied. However, this may bring another problem. What to choose among everything that is available? What kind of style best suits you? Which colors to choose that go well with your darker skin color? Lots of questions and even more possible correct answers. Maybe a good way is to try something that has already proven a good choice for someone with a similar skin color as yours? And no easier way to find information about someone else than if they are a celebrity and you can find their all kinds of looks on-line. Continue reading »

Dec 172015

We all like to party the night away; the thing is, we dislike looking like bunch of zombies and un-dead characters in the morning. You all must have a friend who stays up all night, but she look dazzling and well-rested. For some people, it is Mother Nature, and for some it is all due to the magic effects of the makeup. What works best for me, looking well rested and fresh is the Bobbi Brown concealer palette, or the Creamy Concealer to be more precise. This concealer is yellow based, and this has the ability of camouflaging the dark circles in instantaneous matter. It only takes 30 seconds to apply the creamy concealer and to experience quick and smooth coverage. The concealer is packed with powerful and enriched formula that not only covers your face leaving it perfectly even, but also deeply nourishes the skin. The best feature about the concealer is that it stays put for more than 8 hours, so you can go to school, work or college without having to visit the ladies room and re-apply it every two or three hours. Bobbi Brown made sure to infuse the creamy concealer with skin conditioners that treat and protect the under-eye delicate area. If you are interested in finding out which is your ideal shade of this ideal creamy concealer, you do not have to consult with makeup artists or beauty store salespersons, all you need to do is choose one shade lighter than the shade of your face foundation.

Dec 012015

Keeping your makeup brushes neat and clean may be annoying if you do not have a professional cosmetic brush set case, and these types of cases cost not less than 50 bucks. If you do not plan to travel often and to have your entre set of brushes with you, investing in a professional travel makeup case is unnecessary financial cost. If you are looking for a substitute that costs significantly less, and not to mention looks great, browse no more: try to make a makeup brush holder by yourself.

Step 1 tutorial on how to make a make-up brush holder

The 1st step in the process of creating your own makeup brush holder will be to find an old (but clean) plastic box or small glass jar with clean edges (no lid required) that is wide enough to fit all of the make-up brushes you have. Go in your kitchen or your storage place, there ought to be some containers which you can use as brush case. If your quest leaves you empty-handed, then there is always the possibility of some old pencil holder laying somewhere in your old room that you can use as a makeup brush box. It will be great if the case is square-shaped, because this way the brushes will have more space to be separated from each other. Purchase some small beads, artificial gems, decorative sand or vase filler, fill the holder partway and set the brushes inside. This action helps your brushes stand straight.

Step 2 tutorial on how to make a makeup brush holder

Next phase, decoration. If you would like your makeup brush holder to have an beautiful appeal, then you simply cannot just leave the old box looking unpleasant looking. Acquire some long beautiful ribbon and encircle the brush holder with it. Leave enough length so its possible to tie a bow. If this is hard for you, you may simply glue the ribbon first and then glue on the bow independently. When you apply glue, make sure to press the ribbon firm on the box so it will stick appropriately and it will stay on its place. You will not want your decorative center piece to fall out within couple of days. The ribbon is likely to be at the same color as the brush handles, as this will give the brush holder its finishing touch. In case that the box is so seriously unattractive that clean soapy water as well as an elegant ribbon are unable to have an impact on looking decent, you can paint it in your favorite colour, add some glitters, charming beads and crystals. This should be enough to cover the box and make it look beautiful. However, when you do the decoration part, ensure that you don’t overdo it, since you do not want your makeup brush container to appear like a tacky Xmas tree.

Step 3 tutorial on how to make a makeup brush holder

The final phase should be the cleaning and maintenance of the make-up brushes before they go inside your newmakeup brush holder. Clean every single make up brush under lukewarm running water. Apply some gentle baby shampoo on the bristles and run your fingers through the hairs of the bristle. Take them back under the running water until the water that runs from the brushes is clear and clean. Then leave the brushes to be air-dried. When they are complete dried up, place them inside the brush holder and be happy with your little piece of art.

Nov 112015

In the case of eye makeup suggestions for Asian eyes, less without doubt is more. The most typical ‘mistake’ that Asian girls and ladies make is usually to try to make their eyes appear bigger. Even though smaller eyes are characteristic for the Asians, they often use make-up to try and make them appear larger. Wearing lots of eye makeup will never make them appear bigger, but only make your face look less-than-perfect. Small eyes are lovely and there is absolutely no reason to enlarge them. Continue reading »

Nov 092015

Many young ladies and women often think that brown eyes are dull and unexciting. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Brown eyes, with their sensuality, give a certain element of mystery to a person. It is not a coincidence that numerous female villain characters in movies are often brown eyed. It is impossible to give somebody the best makeup tip available. What is great for someone, may not be such an effective recommendation for someone else. The best makeup, the best colors and the recommended shades are a really relative thing and vary from a person to person. What one can do is follow some of the typical makeup rules that have proven to work wonders on some women. Continue reading »