Jul 132015

Do you want to look beautiful while still waking up without the polish face first? Yes, eyebrow embroidery is a technique used to beautify your eyes especially in the shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrow embroidery is the technique of shaping the eyebrows by using a small needle fill eyebrows so that appears to be a real natural. However, to do eyebrow embroidery necessary prudence and a sterile technique. Then, where are you can brush up your eyebrows to appear presentable while still safe? Here’s the answer.

Alena Rasli (Brow House Studio)

A woman who began to draw eyebrows since the beginning of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL only helps his friends to draw the eyebrows. Then start opening business since 2008. In addition, Alena Rasli also learn techniques to draw the eyebrows in Singapore. No wonder many artists who rely on his services. Eyebrow embroidery valued at a price of 3 million dollars. In addition to eyebrow embroidery, Alena Rasli also received zig-zig, lip liner, eye and eyelash extension.

Ali Tattoo Embroidery

The name Ko Ali is no stranger to celebrities. Many celebrities homeland ever to use services such as Jennifer, Julia Perez, Ayu TingTing, and Dewi Persik. For the price of services of eyebrow embroidery Ko Ali dibanderol Rp 7 million. According to Ko Ali, eyebrow embroidery should be done carefully and sterile. “We do the embroidery should be sterile, consumables are discarded. The engine was thrown out because a sterile, let if the engine was not disposed of later out of ink again, ”

Esther Chan

Esther Chan is a woman who was born into a world of eyebrow embroidery since 6 years ago. No wonder a lot of celebrities who use services like Alena Wu and Tina Toon. The price offered, starting from Rp 4 million. Cici calls a close companion, Esther, learning embroidery eyebrows in Singapore. His expertise made much more popular Esther cici circles.

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