Nov 192015

Perhaps you have noticed that you are feeling much better when you are around your dog? A dog is undoubtedly a very good companion. After a difficult day, pet owners quite undoubtedly feel the love. It is really true. Spending great time with your dog, cat or other family pet will have a good effect on your mood as well as your health and wellbeing. Family pets may be calming stress-fighters. Men and women who own a dog can also earn many psychological benefits, including reducing lonesomeness, emotional tension, anxiousness and depression. When a dog owner gazes into a dog’s eyes and strokes the dog, the owner will release oxytocin, the love hormone. Additionally, that petting a dog can reduce a person’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Bot there is much more health benefits. Continue reading »

Nov 112015

In the case of eye makeup suggestions for Asian eyes, less without doubt is more. The most typical ‘mistake’ that Asian girls and ladies make is usually to try to make their eyes appear bigger. Even though smaller eyes are characteristic for the Asians, they often use make-up to try and make them appear larger. Wearing lots of eye makeup will never make them appear bigger, but only make your face look less-than-perfect. Small eyes are lovely and there is absolutely no reason to enlarge them. Continue reading »

Nov 092015

Many young ladies and women often think that brown eyes are dull and unexciting. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Brown eyes, with their sensuality, give a certain element of mystery to a person. It is not a coincidence that numerous female villain characters in movies are often brown eyed. It is impossible to give somebody the best makeup tip available. What is great for someone, may not be such an effective recommendation for someone else. The best makeup, the best colors and the recommended shades are a really relative thing and vary from a person to person. What one can do is follow some of the typical makeup rules that have proven to work wonders on some women. Continue reading »

Nov 062015

Hair loss is an issue many people suffer from, especially men. It is related to hormones and while there are many methods of dealing with this issue, all scientific conclusions are biased. There exists only one method which is guaranteed to help most people, however as it is quite expensive and for some not even pleasant, we can skip it and follow things that, through daily use can help you with your premature hair loss problems. So let’s speak about what shampoo to use for hair thinning. Continue reading »