Jun 122015

Strawberry blonde is a hair color that brings together two initially distinct hair color shades into one flattering mix. Strawberry blonde hair dye is composed of a powerful red shade mixed in with a mellow light blonde.

The perfect mix of tones of ginger and blonde makes this hair color as the perfect shade for summer. While some lucky individuals are born already sporting a natural strawberry blonde hairstyle, many others will have to turn to store-bought or salon applied hair dye in order to achieve that much coveted sun-kissed look all throughout the year.
Sometimes, you might end up getting a hair color that is too blonde or too red if you use cheap strawberry blonde hair color. Although you can still slowly work on your in-between shade until you achieve the right shade of strawberry blonde, it is still better if you get a little assistance on your first try. Nevertheless, with a little patience and perseverance, it is still possible to achieve this perfect mix of red and blonde even while using DIY hair dye.  Continue reading »

Jun 122015

With the rising popularity of going herbal and organic, more and more people have been looking for natural remedies to get rid of a headache. With the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle that everyone has, it is inevitable for any young and busy professional to have a headache. And with this comes the dependence on painkillers. With the growing fascination with organic solutions came the need to find medicines that get rid of headaches naturally.

Natural remedies to get rid of a headache usually come in the form of plants and are usually ingested or applied externally. Popular remedies to relieve headache include the following: Continue reading »

Jun 112015

Ingrown hairs are the hair follicles that have grown underneath your skin instead of growing upward and outward. Ingrown hairs often result in raised bumps on your skin’s surface. Sometimes, these bumps could even resemble small pimples or boils that could cause great discomfort.

Although having ingrown hairs is not something that should be a cause for alarm, feeling the small, raised bumps all over your skin can be a particularly irritating experience. Likewise, the embarrassment of having ingrown hairs on your legs or armpits could significantly impact your self-esteem and self-confidence. For this reason, many women who frequently get ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing their legs, armpits, and pubic area often worry about how to get rid of ingrown hairs in the quickest and most effective way possible. Continue reading »

Jun 102015

Trying to look for a cheap skin lightening cream is hard work for anyone who has dark skin. After a long summer spent on the beach or in the tanning salons, people want to look whiter again. People just want to go back to their daily lives and thus want to get their skin lightened after getting a tan during the summer. However, not all lightening creams can be recommended. Here are a few tips on how to find a nice, cheap skin lightening cream. Continue reading »

Jun 082015

The No-Rx Anxiety Cure: Cheap and Natural Anti-Anxiety Medication and Treatments. General anxiety disorder, or simply anxiety, is a psychological condition wherein a person suffers from recurring, extreme and prolonged worry and/or fear. Without proper attention and treatment, a patient may be so overwhelmed by its symptoms that it becomes difficult to function normally.

Fortunately, anxiety is treatable. It can, in fact, be addressed in a number of different ways. Continue reading »